Hyper Death Babies

(and other totally sweet stuff)

You're not cool unless if you've got Hyper Death Babies things! Impress your friends! Wow your loved ones! Kick your fashion sense in the nuts every morning!

Anomaly Comics
on your mobile phone

What's more awesome than having Anomaly comics on your mobile phone? Snowmen made of candy, probably. But aside from that, nothing! Get comics directly sent to your phone!

Comics by Charles: Age 9

The first ever Hyper Death Babies comic book is now on sale! Featuring over 180 pages of nonsense, collecting the entire Comics by Charles collection, and including extra never before seen comics!

BAM! (The Big Ass Mini)

500 pages of various authors (including myself) and their amazing comics (as well as my SUPER amazing comic)! Only $22 for this massive collection. Click here to read a preview of Jim-Man. (Included in the collection.)

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